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Most wedding ceremonies conducted by a Marriage Celebrant in Adelaide follow a standard format which can be personalized by adding your choice of music, hymns, readings…to name just a few.

This is a brief outline showing the running order of a wedding ceremony. Some of these points must be addressed by the Wedding Celebrant in order for your union to be legal. I have indicated these below using an asterisk*.


  • Wedding Celebrant welcomes guests
  • Wedding Celebrant introduces herself to the guests*
  • Wedding Celebrant informs guests of her legal authority to marry the couple under Australian law*


  • You may choose to have a special guest do a reading of your choice.

Celebrant Authority

  • Wedding Celebrant must inform the couple of the serious & legal binding nature of marriage by reciting words that are stipulated by the ‘Marriage Act’.*

Giving Away (optional)

  • Wedding Celebrant asks the parents of the couple (and on behalf of the guests) to give their blessing.

The Asking

  • The Wedding Celebrant asks the couple if they have come together of their own free will*

The Vows

  • The couple say their vows. The words said can be chosen by the couple, however, certain legal words must be incorporated*.

Ring Ceremony

  • Rings are exchanged between the couple. This is usually accompanied by a small reading explain the symbolism.

Declaration of Marriage & the kiss

  • Wedding Celebrant declares you as Husband & Wife, Husband & Husband or Wife & Wife. You may kiss.

Sign the register

  • The couple, 2 chosen witnesses & celebrant need to sign the register*.


  • Wedding Celebrant presents you as the happily married couple and asks the guests to congratulate you.
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